Investing in a hand-crafted guitar

Why would someone buy a Ferrari sports car, or a custom guitar, or a Titanium framing hammer? My personal experience is with the $70 hammer, but I have a friend who owns a Ferrari and several who own Ribbecke guitars, and what we have in common is a strong passion for the excellence and the sheer magic in these extravagances. I am a student of Tom Ribbecke, and offer my own expression of his teaching, rooted in a strong respect for the principals of how sound travels through and is enhanced by wood. Your experience of investing in a Dewey Guitar would start with helping me select woods and parts that promise to project the tone and the esthetics you want. After this I will spend about 200 hours over the following year creating your guitar with frequent discussions to keep us true to your vision. The cost for your basic Dewey Archtop guitar during the coming year will be $3500.00, and the basic custom flat-top guitar will start at $2500.00

Steven Dewey. October, 2007

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